Winners Announced

Winners Announced

The UK National Europass Centre announces the winners of 2015 Europass Video Competition

The UK NEC is pleased to announce that judging has now concluded for the 2015 competition.

The first prize was awarded to Adam Parks, Lucy Endacott, Elliot James and Maria Londono (team Bugaboo) from Southampton Solent University. Their clever short video received the most votes for creativity and originality.

The second prize was awarded to Ashley Williams who created a skilfully animated Lego world in which a Lego person finds Europass is the key to a new life in Paris – or a Lego Paris, at least, featuring a Lego Eiffel Tower.

The third prize was awarded to Lindsay Dow. Her video features Claxon, a visiting alien who endures a series of dead-end jobs until a Europass CV puts him on a better career path for brighter Earthly prospects. The video emphasised advantages of using the Europass portfolio when looking for employment.

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all who entered! All of the videos were entertaining and creative, and the jury had a difficult decision to make. All of the participants in the competition are commended for their hard work. The finalists will be awarded prizes with a total combined value of £800

The top videos are now available on Europass UK You Tube channel.


1st Canterbury Christchurch University – Bethany Simpson

2nd Southampton Solent University – Zakarias Nadir, Arturo Herrero and Mario Abbadia

3rd University of Chester – Jamie Davies and James Lee


1st Southampton Solent University – The Mighty Ducks

2nd Southampton Solent University – Winning Entry

3rd Brooksby Melton College- Project Indie


1st City of Bath College – William Lambert and Henry Isaksen

2nd Southampton Solent University - LLJC Solent

3rd Southampton Solent University- Alis


1st Chippenham College - iTeam

2nd City of Bath College