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Services for Organisations

Online Databases

What are they?

If you are dealing directly with applications for student admission, employment or for professional registration then our online databases can help you. These tools allow you to instantly access the latest information on the UK equivalent level of over 3,000 qualifications, from secondary to postgraduate level, in over 180 countries.

There are six databases in total; our core database is International Comparisons which covers academic, vocational and professional qualifications from around the world. Four further databases concentrate on more occupational areas; Vocational Comparisons, Teaching Comparisons, Childcare Comparisons and European Secondary Qualifications. The final database, European Grade Distributions, compares grading systems from across Europe to one another enabling you to select the best performing candidates.

Are they for me?

The following types of organisations use UK NARIC's online databases to help improve their understanding of qualifications and education systems from overseas:

  • Organisations who recruit internationally
  • University Admissions and International Teams
  • Technical & further education colleges
  • Schools
  • Chartered institutes & professional bodies
  • UK & international education councils
  • Refugee & asylum seekers advisors
  • Careers Advice Professionals
  • Ministries of education

How will they benefit me?

The databases will help you to:

  • Identify talent and recruit globally
  • Assess student potential for admission to further study or training
  • Recognise professional status for applications to teach etc.
  • Identify individual skill levels to provide informed advice
  • Identify eligibility for visas under the new Points Based System for immigration for the UK

In essence these databases will help you to access the best talent, mitigate risk, build in-house expertise and reduce costs by accelerating the screening process and reducing processing times.

What are the key features?

Our databases will equip you with the knowledge to access the best talent, they:

  • Include complete listings of recognised Higher Education Institutions and recognised teacher training providers
  • Give a breakdown of education system structures and national grading schemes
  • Provide you with a reference to recognised qualifications and institutions
  • Enable you to analyse education and qualification systems in over 180 countries
  • Supply guidance on qualifications comparable to GCSE

Client quote:

"My team use the service every day as part of their daily work... I would imagine other organisations doing a similar role would find the service invaluable."

John Adams
Teacher Registration Manager
General Teaching Council Scotland

We have developed a number of membership packages to suit the needs of member organisations which incorporate this service.