Cedefop Briefing Notes

Keep up-to-date with VET in Europe

ReferNet contributes to a variety of Cedefop publications. Cedefop’s briefing notes are short updates on vocational education and training (VET) in Europe. Briefing notes are published regularly throughout the year and focus on a single item of VET policy and development. The following briefing notes have recently been made available for download from the Cedefop website:

October 2017: Skills anticipation: looking to the future

September 2017: Looking back to look ahead

July 2017: People, machines, robots and skills

May 2017: Vocational education and training: bridging refugee and employer needs

January 2017: Shaping, valuing and informing vocational education and training policy

December 2016: Qualifications frameworks in Europe

October 2016: Skill shortage and surplus occupations in Europe

October 2016: Supporting training and learning abroad: the EU mobility scoreboard for initial VET

June 2016: Professional development for VET teachers and trainers

April 2016: Mainstreaming VET policies addressing early leaving from education and training

February 2016: Towards new routes

January 2016: Qualifications frameworks in Europe

December 2015: Global labour market, global VET

November 2015: Innovation and training: partners in change

November 2015: Making apprenticeships work for small and medium enterprises

July 2015: Encouraging adult learning

June 2015: Europe’s uneven return to job growth

March 2015: Stronger vocational education and training for better lives

January 2015: Old roots for new routes

December 2014: Career guidance in unstable times

November 2014: Qualifications frameworks: expanding influence, persisting obstacles

November 2014: The validation challenge: how close is Europe to recognising all learning?

June 2014: The hidden potential of level 5 qualifications

May 2014: Developing Apprenticeships

March 2014: Skill mismatch: more than meets the eye

January 2014: At the interface of learning for employability

December 2013: Keeping young people in (vocational) education: what works?

December 2013: Qualifications frameworks in Europe: forging the right links

August 2013: Opportunities and challenges for ECVET, the vocational credit transfer system

June 2013: Roads to recovery: three skill and labour market scenarios for 2025

May 2013: Skills for a low carbon Europe

March 2013: Quality: a requirement for generating trust in qualifications

February 2013: Silver workers – golden opportunities

January 2013: More effective VET and lifelong learning policies: awareness raising, analysis and advice

October 2012: Permeable education and training systems: reducing barriers and increasing opportunity

October 2012: Qualifications frameworks in Europe: an instrument for transparency and change

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