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Professional Bodies – are you ready for January 2016 EU Directive changes?

From January 2016 the new EU Directive for the recognition of Professional Qualifications comes into effect.

The changes to Directive 2013/55/EU will affect professionals across Europe.

The Directive, which facilitates the mobility of professionals across the European Union, is being updated in January 2016.  The updates focus on a number of areas which will have a direct impact upon professional bodies and competent authorities in the UK as well as professions across the continent.

The changes include:

  • The introduction of a European Professional Card
  • Changes to English Language proficiency within professions
  • Implementation of an alert system to safeguard the public
  • Partial access to professions for those not fully meeting the requirements within a particular Member State
  • Recognition of training for those not having completed the appropriate level of training / qualification within a profession
  • Creation of common training principles in more professions across the Member States.

The UK’s National Contact Point for Professional Qualifications (UK NCP), which operates under the UK NARIC umbrella, recently held a seminar at the St Bride Foundation in London which considered these updates and the impact they would have within the UK.

Speakers from UK NCP, the Engineering Council, the Health and Care Professions Council and the UK SOLVIT Centre shared their knowledge and experience of working with the current Directive as well as discussing the potential changes and how these would affect individual professionals, professional bodies and competent authorities.

Demand for places at this event was very high - it was fully booked and oversubscribed. However, there is still a chance to attend - we are running another seminar, this time in Cheltenham, on Tuesday 12 May. Please contact the UK NCP at or check the NCP events website for updates.

We are also planning an event in Edinburgh, in June - if this is of interest, please email NCP at the address above.

A delegate comment from our London seminar: “…the day was very informative and it was particularly good for me to meet people I had previously communicated with by email. It was also good to hear how other organisations manage common processes…”.

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